Livin Vivid Yarn (LVY) was born out of a life-long passion for color.  My first career has been as a salon owner and hairstylist.  I found my way to knitting later in life seeking a much needed hobby and "therapy."  After falling in love with the fiber arts, it wasn't long before I had to get my hands dirty and apply my color knowledge to yarn.  Who doesn't love a great before and after? 

     Each skein is hand-dyed in small batches using professional acid dyes in Moyock, North Carolina.  I am inspired by my family and friends, places I've traveled, coastal surroundings, and a deep love of music and art.

     As fiber enthusiasts we are living vividly by surrounding ourselves with glorious color.  I hope that LVY's color palette sparks peoples' creativity and brings joy to their projects.  I can't wait to see what everyone does with it!

                                                                    - Melanie -